Choosing C Curl vs CC Curl Lashes Achieve A Dramatic Look

Discover the characteristics of C curl vs CC curl lashes. Learn how to choose and mix these curls to transform your clients‘ looks and elevate your lash salon.

Unveil the secrets to captivating eyes with our insightful guidelines on C and CC curl in eyelash extensions. This article covers everything you need to know about these two curls, from learning their characteristics and differentiating between the C curl vs CC curl lashes to mixing these lashes for customized lash beauty for your clients. Elevate your lash game with expert insights for a mesmerizing look.

Common Characteristics Of Eyelash Extensions In C And CC Curls

To choose the right eyelash curl for your clients, you should understand their definition and characteristics. What is C curl lashes? What is CC curl lashes? Below are some common characteristics C and CC curls share in lash applications.

  • A Bit Of Drama But Not Too Much: C and CC curl lashes enhance the curl of one’s natural lashes by mimicking her natural curvature. Thus, they are suitable for everyday or natural makeup or first-time clients in lash salons, unlike dramatic curls like L or D curls.
  • Open Up The Eyes: C and CC curls can create the illusion of large, bright eyes by lifting and exposing the whites of the eyes. Thus, lash salons can use these two curls for people who need to make their eyes bigger and more energetic.
  • Reduced Reliability On Mascara: Using C curl vs CC curl lashes reduces the dependence on mascara while maintaining defined, curled lashes. Your clients can save a lot of time and money on eye makeup products.
  • Long-Lasting Beauty: A lash set in C curl vs CC curl can last for several weeks with proper maintenance and care. In other words, lashes are convenient with low maintenance effort.
Common Characteristics Of Eyelash Extensions In C And CC Curls

C and CC curl lashes can naturally enhance the eye beauty of your clients for daily wear or natural makeup styles. These curls in lash extensions help maintain their eye beauty without relying too much on eye makeup. By understanding the characteristics of these curls, lash salons, and lash artists can consult their clients to pick up lash curls that best fit their requirements.

C Curl vs CC Curl Lashes Which Option Is Better For A Dramatic Look

Choosing C or CC curl lashes might be challenging for some lash professionals. Let’s investigate the detailed comparison between C curl vs CC curl lashes. This section will highlight some differences between these two curls and provide useful tips to help lash professionals choose the best curl option for their clients.

Differences Of C and CC Curls In Eyelash Extensions

While C and CC curls offer natural enhancement to your clients‘ eyes, they can differ in curl angle, eye-opening effect, and doll-like effect. More specifically:

  • Curl Angle: Curl angle is the first difference between C and CC curl lashes. CC curl has a more extreme angle than C curl. Imagine the curve of the letter C – C curl lashes follow a similar curve but with a less pronounced bend. CC curl kicks it up a notch with a sharper angle that lifts the lashes higher and creates a more dramatic curl.
  • Open-Eyed Effect: Both curls can open up the eyes, but CC curl does it to a greater extent. The extra lift of the CC curl helps make the whites of your eyes appear more prominent, creating a wide-eyed, more alert look.
  • Doll-Like Effect: If you’re looking for a true doll-like flutter with lashes that appear visibly curled and lifted, CC curl is the better option when comparing C curl vs CC curl lashes. C curl offers natural enhancement, but CC curl takes it to the next level with a more dramatic, glamorous look.
Differences Of C and CC Curls In Eyelash Extensions

C vs CC curl differs in eye enhancement effects, in which CC curl lashes provide a higher eye enhancement level, while C curl lashes still maintain a more natural look to your client’s eyes.

Which Lash Curl Option Is Suitable For Your Clients

After understanding the key differences between C and CC curl lashes, lash professionals might want to know which curl option suits your clients. The choice of curl depends on some factors, including your client’s natural lash condition, eye shape, and comfort with the lash extensions.

  • Natural Lash Condition: If your client has straight or downward-angled lashes, you should choose dramatic CC curls for a noticeable, dramatic effect. But, if she has upward-angled lashes, natural curls like CC will be a great choice to enhance her natural lash’s beauty subtly.
  • Eye Shape: When comparing C curl vs CC curl lashes for lash application, lash salons should also consider the client’s eye shape. CC curl lashes work excellently on downturned eyes, while C curl ones are more suitable for hooded eyes. If your client has almond eyes, she can fit C and CC curls.
  • Comfort: CC curls are less comfortable than C curls. The dramatic angle of CC curl and straight lashes puts more pressure on one’s natural lashes at the base. Lash salons should acknowledge this comfort difference in pre-application consultation with your clients.
  • Overall Lash Style: CC curl lashes help your clients achieve a full, dramatic lash look. These dramatic curls can pair with thicker, voluminous lash styles. In contrast, C curl options should pair with natural lash styles for subtle eye enhancement.
Which Lash Curl Option Is Suitable For Your Clients

Understanding these key factors helps lash salons and lash techs pick the best curl option for your clients. You should include these factors in the lash assessment before applying lash applications for your clients.

Mixing C and CC Curls For A Customized Lash Look For Your Clients

Sometimes, you can use C and CC curls to achieve a customized lash look for your clients. In this section, let’s learn the benefits of lash mixing, and how to mix these two lash curls to elevate your clients‘ eye beauty.

Benefits Of Mixing C And CC Curl For The Lashes Of Your Clients

Mixing C and CC curl lashes brings some benefits to the lashes and overall eye beauty of your clients. More specifically:

  • Natural Look with Drama: By strategically placing C and CC curls, you can achieve a lifted, dramatic look that still complements your client’s natural eye shape. No more confusion between C curl vs CC curl lashes since you can use these two curls!
  • Customize Lash Curls For Specific Areas: Beyond applying one lash curl on the whole lash line, lash professionals can choose to target specific areas on the lash line for a customized lash look. For example, you can put straight lashes in the C curl at the center of the eyes, then gradually level up the curl level in the CC curl towards the eye’s corners. This curl mixing creates a personalized, natural lift-up effect on the client’s eyes.
  • Open Up the Eyes: Mixing C and CC curl lashes can open your client’s eyes for an energetic look. Lash artists can creatively mix these two lash curls in various ways to bring a lively look to the clients without being too dramatic or fake.
Benefits Of Mixing C And CC Curl For The Lashes Of Your Clients

Beyond choosing between C curl vs CC curl lashes, you can mix these eyelash curls to create a personalized look for your clients. This lash mix helps you maximize the advantages of these two curls without depending on a single curl.

How To Mix Eyelashes In C And CC Curl For Your Clients

Experienced lash artists can find various creative ways to mix C and CC curl lashes. Below are the two most popular lash-mixing techniques:

  • Straight in the Middle, Curled on Ends: For clients with straighter natural lashes, use C curls in the middle of the eyes and gradually transition to CC curls towards the outer corners for a lifted dramatic effect. By utilizing the difference in curling level between C curl vs CC curl lashes, lash professionals can create a subtle enhancement to the client’s eyes that fits her natural lash condition and complements her desired lash look.
  • Subtle Lift with Drama: For clients with naturally curled lashes, use CC curls throughout most of the lash line and finish with C curls at the inner corners for a subtle, natural lift that maintains a dramatic look.
How To Mix Eyelashes In C And CC Curl For Your Clients

By creatively mixing C and CC curls in eyelash extension application, lash salons can elevate the salon’s service. This diversity in lash styles can also help you broaden your clientele base by providing lash applications catering to varied clients‘ preferences and lash looks.


Understanding the differences between C curl vs CC curl lashes is key for achieving stunning eyelash extensions in lash salons. Whether aiming for daily elegance or drama, choosing the right curl level, or mixing these two curls for lash extensions can redefine your clients‘ looks and elevate your salon expertise.






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